Machine stands KES 2000

innovative and electric

Stand KES 2000

KES 2000 is the top series from KESSLER with an extremely large height adjustment range –today's maximum modularity for individual system-workstations.

The proven electromotor-operated height adjustment via pushbutton, the inclinable tabletop, the ultra-sturdy construction and a large number of sophisticated additional features make KES 2000 the ideal workstation, whether you're seated or standing. KES 2000 enables a perfectly ergonomical working position, whatever your body size or workstyle. The series is also available as an angled table or a table set, in L and U shapes. Allround versatility is further enhanced by a comprehensive, modular accessories package.

  • sitting and standing position – range 400 mm (16 inches),
  • extremely smooth running features with highest quality steel,
  • diverse treadle types can be added,
  • high lifting speed of 12 mm/sec at 200 kg load,
  • highly stable motor bar for extra rigidity, 
  • all system components maintenance-free,
  • easy to assemble and completely disassembable,
  • tilt plates can be added,
  • extensive modular concept and accessories for the ultimate individual workstation.

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Stand machine KES 2000
Stand machine KES 2000
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