Machine stands KES 2100

ergonomic, innovative, adjustable

Machine stands KES 2100

KES 2100 is the low-cost introduction to optimal workplace ergonomics.

You profit from today's maximum modularity for individual system-workstations, and to keep the price down you merely dispense with the additional comfort provided by electric adjustment. KES 2100 ensures a perfect, ergonomical working position, and is the pathbreaking workstation whether you're sitting or standing. The easily accessible handwheel mechanism is totally maintenance-free, and it requires no hydraulics or pneumatics so leakage is ruled out. Allround versatility is further enhanced by a comprehensive, modular accessories package.

  • Sitting and standing position – range 400 mm (16 inches)
  • Extremely smooth running features with highest quality steel
  • Diverse treadle types can be added
  • Adjustment by smooth turning crank which can be used on both sides of the stand
  • Strong but yet smooth running and limiting by special lifting gear
  • Extra stable back brace for even more rigidity
  • Shaft and gear are maintenance-free
  • Easy to assemble and completely disassembable
  • Tilt plates can be added
  • Extensive modular concept and accessories for the ultimate individual workstation

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Stand machine KES 2100
Stand machine KES 2100
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