Pedal Ergonomic

The sensor-controlled pedal innovation

Pedal Ergonomic

The patented "Ergonomic" pedal from KESSLER is definitely a further milestone in the history of ergonomics.

The speed, foot-lift and thread clipping have been separated into two pressure sensors, allowing the seamstress to exert equal pressure on both legs while standing. Thereby prevents impairment of the posture and symptoms of fatigue thanks to equal use of both legs. Sewing speed parameter input and activation of foot-lift and thread clipping can now be done by a gentle weight shift onto the sensor elements. This efficiently prevents poor body posture and health problems. A large number of technological innovations ensure high safety and problem-free durability. Sturdy and highly wear resistant thanks to path independence. No modifications necessary. Unit will be plugged directly into controller. Safety locking of speed to thread trimmer, foot lift.

Funktion - How it works?

With the pedal system "ERGONOMIC", the seamstress can stand on both of her feet with her weight evenly distributed on two pressure-sensitive sensors (speed and foot lift/thread trimmer).Impulses for sewing speed and foot lift/thread trimmer are transmitted simply by shifting her weight on the sensor elements. This results in better posture and has a direct impact on health, motivation, and performance.The "ERGONOMIC" system is equipped with a safety lock. During the actual sewing process, the functions foot lift and thread trimmer cannot be activated.The machine speed has to indicate ZERO in order to activate foot lift and thread trimmer.Malfunctions during sewing by foot lift/thread trimmer are therefore eliminated. The sensor signals are evaluated by an electronic interface, which can be directly (without any further modification) plugged into the socket for the external actuator of the motor controls. An actuator is therefore not required. Easily adjustable sensitivity, for all user.The pedal device is available for drives of the manufacturer: DUERKOPP-ADLER, EFKA und QUICK-ROTAN

Pressure settings
    P1 = base load on sensor, P2 = pressure for speed, P3 = pressure for foot lift, P4 = pressure for thread trimmer.

ERGONOMIC PEDAL by KESSLER provides a comfortable adaptability to the operator's requirements. All relevant parameters can be individually set by 4 internal potentiometers (P1-P4).